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Business sector takes the lead – pushing climate action for competitiveness

Date(s) - 20 maj
13:00 - 14:00

22 industry and transport sectors have developed their own roadmaps on how to manage the shift in demand when the whole world is projected to align with the Paris Climate Agreement. The roadmaps are framed by the industry-state collaboration body Fossil Free Sweden, and they all stress the same thing: we can reach net-zero emissions 2045 and increase our competitiveness if government help us with the right policy.

The roadmaps describe what actions the sectors need to take and a list of policy proposals for the government to help them. The process is all voluntary and is based on the positive narrative of Sweden’s climate vision to become the first fossil free welfare nation in the world. That means industry should continue to use the business opportunities in the transformation and through innovation and export of products create jobs and increase prosperity – by achieving net-zero emissions.

What are the driving forces behind these strong actions by the sectors? And what are the pros and cons of having such a bottom-up policy development process?

More information, the agenda and link to registration on IVA’s webpage.


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