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Panel Discussion – How can we measure sustainability?

Date(s) - 9 mars
12:00 - 13:00

Organiser: Engineers without borders

We know that it is better to bike than taking the car, to buy second-hand rather than new clothing, and to choose renewable electricity for your home.
But we do not know how much better one option is than the other?

Is it twice as good? 12% more efficient? Is there any difference?
In a series of two events, we will explore different ways of measuring sustainability. The purpose of the events is to understand how we can get better data when deciding what sustainability-related actions to pursue, or not pursue.

The second event will be a panel discussion together with AFRY, RISE, Preem and Christel Cederberg who is a scientist at Chalmers. The main focus will be on different methods and tools a variety of actors can use to measure sustainabilities.

More information and Zoom-link on the event page.


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