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Women in Leadership – Is there a balance between genders in public transport?

Date(s) - 8 mars
15:30 - 17:00

You cannot aspire to be, what you cannot see: UITP places a focus on Women in Leadership.

Public transport networks around the world serve all people, every single day…

With half of our populations women, it’s important to consider whether their specific needs are being met within the sector.

Public transport networks and services have traditionally been designed, operated, and maintained by men.

We need to attract more women to jobs across the sector to be more customer oriented and redress this imbalance.

This year, UITP is placing a focus on Women in Leadership, with a series of activities and outreach, to take a closer look at the issue of gender within public transport.

There are challenges ahead, for both UITP and the sector, but together we believe that we can enact lasting change.

More information and link to register on the UITP webpage.


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