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Social Impact Jobs and opportunities in Sweden

social impact jobs

According to the Global Innovation Index Sweden is the second most innovative country in the world, just after Switzerland. But how do they rate on social innovation? Time for you to explore the Nordic country and find social impact jobs in Sweden? 

Sweden is well-known for its innovative tech companies. Global players such as Skype and Spotify were founded in the country of fika. At the same time, Sweden is infamous for its social welfare system, leading to innovations also in the social sector. In fact, according to a recent study by the EU, Stockholm was rated the 5th best city in Europe for social innovation. And they have a very large renewable energy industry.  So if you are looking for a job with purpose, Sweden has a lot to offer.

But how and where does one start? The social impact jobs sector might seem like a bubble from the outside, because well, it is. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t welcome, quite the opposite. Social entrepreneurs are always in need of allies. We’ll help you to get your foot in the door and suggest some steps and tips to help you on your social impact journey. 

If you have anything you would like to add on this list, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll update it as soon as possible. 

Aktuell Hållbarhet

Aktuell Hållbarhet is an online magazine with a focus on environmental issues, sustainability, and CSR. They want to provide a debate forum, meeting points, tools, knowledge, and inspiration for the industry as well as the public administrations. Here you can find the latest news updates, job opportunities, and events. 


Sustainergies is a nonprofit organization that wants to enhance the capabilities among students about sustainability with the help of universities and colleges all over Sweden. They create opportunities through collaborations for students to work with sustainability in practice, such as workshops, internships, and coaching. 

The Local

Where you get your Swedish news in English is also where you can find many job opportunities on their job site. If you are only into startups, you should visit The Hub

Impact Hub

Impact Hub is a global concept of coworking spaces with people who are aiming for more than business as usual. Here people put the planet over profit. In return, they are included in a community where collaboration and inspiration are soaring. 

Norrsken house 

Situated in Stockholm sits Europe’s largest incubator for social impact enterprises. Norrsken house calls itself an impact unicorn factory, offering a creative cluster for more than 300 entrepreneurs. It is an office space beyond the ordinary, worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood. They also have their own job platform

Mötesplast social innovation (MSI)

Connected to Malmö University, MSI strives to gather information about social innovation and entrepreneurship. They actively follow updates around the subjects and make sure it is spread, developed and implemented. MSI arranges the yearly conference Social Innovation Summit this November, gathering actors from all sectors that are interested in, and want to create social innovation.


Thousands of people go through Volontärbyrån, and it is the perfect place for those who want to volunteer. Here you can search for assignments after location and purpose. They also facilitate workshops about the topic.

Impact Jobs

At last but not least – yours truly! 😉 Impact Jobs want to be THE community in Sweden where you can find sustainable jobs, or devoted talent as a company who are ready for a more purposeful career with impact. More about us here. We are also on social media so do go in and join the groups on Facebook called Impact Jobs Sverige, -Stockholm, -Göteborg and -Skåne or follow us on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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