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Impact Booster

Impact Booster is an online, interactive workshop, designed to help you gain the tools necessary to build a meaningful career, focusing on sustainability.

Above all, this carefully curated, four week programme lends you the opportunity to access a community of like-minded change-makers, whilst being taught valuable skills and practical tips from our trained career coach.

In conclusion, enrolling will give you the guiding hand you need to connect, grow and reach your full potential.

  • Impact Booster - week 1
  • Impact Booster - week 2
  • Impact Booster - week 3
  • Impact Booster - week 4

The course

We meet four times, one hour at a time. Each workshop at Impact Booster is carefully structured, bringing you valuable skills to aid your professional life and personal well-being.

Kristina, the facilitator, helps you enter the job market with your head held high, confident in yourself and your ability to help change the world. Fill in the form below and you will get contacted as soon as there are participants enough to embark on the course.

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Get started now!

If you’re interested in being part of the Impact Booster programme, please sign up here on the waiting list:

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